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Thank you for booking, good lookin'!
Here are some aftercare tips!

After Your Appointment

  first 24hrs: Avoid showering, steam rooms, massages and facials for as long as possible after the lash application.  Don’t “scrunch” your eyes tightly. Sleep in a pillow fort (or do anything you possibly can to prevent moving the lashes). Do not wet the lashes and absolutely no crying! Laugh at this and it ends up coming true!

 The first 24 hours are critical as it’s time for the adhesive to set.

 after 24hrs: Cry, laugh do whatever you like! You can even swim in them. However, some points of advice:

 The NO-NO’s: no curling your lashes, no mascara (unless it’s Noir® dramaddict™ mascara), no smooshing your face on your pillow, no eye masks (unless it’s one we’ve approved), high heat (like open flames & ovens) and definitely no picking/plucking your lashes.

  • Use a pointed, lint-free cotton swab and an oil-free makeup remover to keep your eyes clean nightly whether or not you’ve worn makeup. Because HYGIENE. O_O
  • Use a facecloth or makeup remover wipes to wash your face - also great for a gentle daily exfoliation.
  • Use oil-free makeup products like powder shadows instead of creams
  • Avoid facing the shower. They’re waterproof, but not jet-spray-in-your-face-proof.
  • Use a headband when you’re hitting the gym or working up a sweat. Not only is it oh-so-trendy, but it also prevents sweat from dripping into your eyes. Longer lashes catch water and draw them into the eyes.
  • Should they “shift” use tweezers or the provided mascara wands to adjust them back into place. Best is after a shower and let them dry in “position”. Got volume lashes? A quick blast of cold air from the blow-dryer can re-fluff them back nicely.
  • Protect your lashes when you’re getting your eyebrows threaded. Sometimes those suckers get caught in the thread. Ouch!

 Overall, it will take some adjustment, but after your first week Lash Virgins, you’ll soon be old pros and maybe even Lash Addicts.


Shed Happens


Hair shedding is a reality for us all. If your hair didn’t shed, well then, you’d be some sorta mutant and we have to report you the CIA. Sorry but it’s our civic duty, non? The breakdown is simple: The average person has anywhere between 60 – 300 natural lashes per eye. The life span of a lash in its telogen phase (fancy for adult & above the skin) can be between 4 to 8 weeks. That means you can see shedding of between 2 to 15 lashes each day (that may sound like a lot, but for those with 300+ lashes, this isn’t a surprise!) And this can happen at ANY time – so losing a lash immediately after an application (with a real lash attached) is totes the norm. Losing it without a lash attached is NOT can happen over time as well but not immediately after a full set. Losing a lash with a lot of real lashes – that’s really really ne pas bien so really, please please please call us. Ultimately, we want to correct any of our faux pas and we are really and truly lash fairies – there’s nothing in the realm of lashes we can’t handle!