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Remember, you won’t be able to wet these lashes for 24 hours, so get your hot yoga, Soul Cycle or barre sesh in before your lash appointment.

Arrive early to check in, relax and settle in. Arriving late just cuts into previous lashing time and no one wants that!



Have clean lashes – you can still wear makeup, but lashes that are applied to dirty lashes will slide off immediately.

If you wear contacts, you can choose to remove them or keep them on, but if you want them off, come early to do so!

Bring glasses or sunglasses that you might wear often to help with sizing.

Turn cellphones off – we know you night be in an important meeting, or expecting an urgent call, but moving mouths leads to moving faces and it’s difficult to attach lashes to a moving object.

Ditto with the gum chewing. We appreciate the fresh breath, but maybe a mint instead?

Relax! Bring some headphones and listen to your fave tunes (if ours isn’t your vibe!) maybe even catch a few zzz’s

Nix the caffeine – it minimizes trips to the loo and the jitters too.

Babies of all kinds need to be careful around our sharp tweezers and your eyeballs and fur babies may not be allowed at some locations due to local by-laws unless they are a service dog.